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The Secret to a Successful Canadian Study Permit | Overseas Education Consultants Mohali

Canada has many colleges and universities which are renowned for teaching system based on quality. Canada has diverse cultures and offers numerous possibilities for its people.
Canada Study Abroad Consultants In Mohali
Canada Study Abroad Consultants In Mohali | | Overseas Education Abroad Mohali
  • You are not required to obtain a Canadian Study Permit Student Visa for a program that is less than 6 months.
  • You should be wise to start the application process prior to coming into the country. 
  • The process of applying for the Canadian Study Permit Visa can seem overwhelming. 
  • How to apply and obtain this necessary item, If you are confused about what Canadian college you wish to attend to complete your studies, but the decision you must make starting the application process.
  • Once you have been accepted into a university, then you will receive a letter of acceptance that is required. 
  • If you are that currently considered to be a staff or family member of a foreigner with accreditation from the Canadian Dept.
Overseas Education Consultants Mohali
Overseas Education Consultants Mohali | Best Study Abroad Consultants In Mohali
Once you receive a letter of acceptance from a college, you should apply for a Study Permit/Student Visa in Canada Give proof that you have adequate financial means to pay Submit your clinical records indicating that you remain in proper health and then complete any medical testing that may be required.
Our wish to finish your education or if you’re going to switch schools, The Student Visa/Study Permit will expire 90 days (3 months) after you finish the studies and after you get a notification that the program has been completed.
Overseas Education Abroad Mohali
Overseas Education Abroad Mohali | Canada Study Abroad Consultants In Mohali

  • You are free to remain in the country for traveling or applying for  Work Permit to allow you to obtain employment (full-time or part-time). 
  • The required documentation includes the following that an Application for Students should be thoroughly filled within the original acceptance letter from the college.
  • English-speaking is necessary for universities to require that you submit adequate proof that you can proficiently speak the English language. 
  • The accepted tests for languages are the IELTS and TOEFL. While not a required document for getting a Canadian Student Visa, proving your language skills is a great item to have using some type of English proficiency proof.

  • We Traust Overseas Education Consultants Mohali provide the Best Canada Study Abroad Consultants In Mohali.

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