Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Reasons why work and study in Canada | Overseas Education Consultants Mohali

There are hundreds of reasons students all around the world line up to study in Canada when it comes time to apply for higher studies. Some major factors that made Canada extremely attractive to students are Education system, Stable political, Economic system and Multiculturalism. you can consultation with Best  Education Consultants in Mohali.

Most of the Canadian universities have top rankings internationally, which is testament to their quality of education. The degrees awarded by Canadian institutions are recognized on a global scale and are on par with that of other developed countries, such as the United States. Also, there is a good chance of getting employment in Canada after graduation, as international students can work for up to 3 year years in the country after finishing their program. 

Freedom to work 20 hours part-time helpful for international students to supplement their income, or pay for loans. So now that you have decided you want to Study in Canada, it is time to check your eligibility. These are the prominent ones that you need to be aware of:

  • Acceptance by any one of the designated learning institutions in Canada.
  • Proof that you can pay for your living expenses and those of any family members that may be accompanying you, pay for your tuition fees, and pay for return transportation when the course is completed, whether it is just for you or for your accompanying family members as well. 
  • Before your travel or study abroad it’s necessary to have a medical report to prove that you are healthy enough.
  • In the 12th standard examination, there is compulsory to get a minimum of 70% for higher education. The scores of TOEFL is changed with courses, but in case of PBT minimum 550 to 600 are enough anywhere and minimum 123 to 250 are enough in CBT for Anywhere.

Traust Overseas Education Consultants Mohali  help you to operate complex procedures and procedures for ability in a timely and efficient manner so you can rest sure that once you have satisfied all these Visa Process, you will get through the immigration gates like a breeze. Canadian universities offer a wide range of courses in various disciplines that are both traditional as well as cutting edge which will open the doors for the best opportunities professionally wherever you may go. For more information visit: Best Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh (Traust Overseas)
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